God’s Plan of Salvation

Sometimes people misunderstand what the Bible says about salvation.  The human mind likes to complicate simple matters to help us “better understand” situations.  The truth is, God’s plan of salvation is very simple and can be followed in six simple steps.

1. Hear (Romans 10:17) – Before you can obey the plan of salvation you must have some knowledge of the Bible.  You must have heard enough of what the Bible says to understand the importance of God’s plan of salvation.

2. Believe (John 8:24) – Believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

3. Repent (Luke 13:3) – Repent of your sins.  This is not just saying “I’m sorry,”  this is a total turn around in your life.

4. Confess (Matthew 10:32) – Acknowledge that you have sin in your life and confess these sins before men.

5. Be Baptized (Mark 16:16) –  Baptism is not for the cleansing of the flesh, but the cleansing of the soul.  Being fully immersed in the water, symbolic of Jesus’s blood, washes the soul spotless of any sin.  You are “born again” in God’s eyes.

6. Live Faithful (Revelation 2:10) – God knows that man is weak and he knows that sometimes man will fall.  The important thing is to keep God in your life no matter what the cost.  Walk the straight and narrow way, pray daily, and live your life as a spiritual sacrifice toward God (Romans 12:1).  Lean on fellow Christians during times of trial and always stay focused on the Heavenly goal.